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Uses of Agarwood

Agarwood is mainly formed as a resinous substance deep inside some particular kind of trees and is found mainly in south Asian countries. There are many religions and culture which prize agarwood, which is not a wood at all, as perfume oil and incense when they perform religious ceremonies. The excessive harvesting of this species has made the resin rare and now it is included in the list of endangered tree species in some countries.

Agarwood is known by different names and some of the popular ones including eaglewood, heartwood aloes wood and agarwood etc. It is malleable as well as sticky in characteristics, but not produced by trees naturally likes majority of other sap. It forms within a very small percentage of trees coming from Aquilaria family, which is called thymelaeceae. This tress species grows mainly in rainforest and temperate regions and are found in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam etc. These tress grow rapidly even in poor soil conditions, as long as they get sufficient amount of water.

The hard fact is that these trees are not valued for their lumber, but they are looked as anomalous substances of agarwood which forms as a result of genetic mutation of infection. You cannot tell about the yield of the tress until you cut it and split it open. They are a renewable resource, however over harvesting has results in its extinction from several parts of the world.

 Enhance Meditation

With this oil, you can enjoy better meditative practices. According to thousands of years of use in mediation, we can say that it can help enhance mediation. A few drops of this extract can be massaged on your acupuncture points or anoint chakra centers. Besides, the Eucalyptus Oil can be diffused in a good aromatherapy diffuser for powerful fragrance.

For deep inner peace, positive energy, awareness and emotion balancing, this extract can be an ideal choice. Plus, it can open the pineal gland and crown chakra.

 Helps Regulate Menstruation

Agarwood oud oil has an impact on the hormones that regulate periods and boost menstruation. Besides, it can be a good choice for women who are about to reach the menopause.

Aside from this, balancing hormones helps reduce irritability, back pain, cramps, and breast tenderness. As a result, you can enjoy a much better quality of life. You can make a blend of one drop of the extract in a carrier oil of your choice. Once ready, you can apply the solution on your lower back and abdomen.

 Helps Relieve Itching

Some conditions, such as poison oak, dermatitis, allergies and nerve disorders can cause itching and skin irritation. If you scratch your skin, your irritation may get worse. Therefore, applying some of this oil can be a better idea.

Long story short, these are some of the main benefits of using Agarwood oil. If you want to enjoy these benefits, you can buy this oil from your nearby store. Hope this helps.

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